Happy first day of Spring! Because my name is Season I often get asked, “what’s your favorite season, Season?” That’s a tough question because I find joy and goodness in every season…. But there is something about Spring. New life, growth, and hope is all around and it’s perfectly punctuated by the placement of Easter. It’s a celebration like no other – Jesus Christ’s resurrection! It’s a time of hope, renewal, and chocolate bunnies, but it’s also a chance to share the love and joy with others by inviting them to join us for Easter service.

Inviting friends, neighbors, or even that coworker you chat with about your favorite TV show is more than just a nice gesture. It’s like saying, “Hey, come hang out with us as we celebrate this amazing story of hope and redemption!”

Everyone needs some good news. Easter is all about the good news that Jesus conquered death and offers us power and love for today and the future promise of eternal life. By inviting others to Easter service, we’re sharing that incredible message of hope and love with them.

Plus, inviting someone to church is like inviting them into community. It’s a chance for them to experience the warmth and acceptance of God’s love, surrounded by friendly faces and maybe even a few hugs.

Easter is powerful. By inviting others, we’re creating space for them to encounter God in a real and meaningful way, whether it’s through the music, the message, or just the overall gathering of the service.

But here’s the best part – you don’t have to worry about convincing anyone or saying all the right things. Your job is simply to extend the invitation, and then let God do the rest. He’s the one who works in people’s hearts and brings about real change. So go ahead, shoot that text, make that call, or even invite them in person. Who knows? You might just be the reason someone experiences the joy and hope of Easter for the very first time.


Season Bowers