I feel like most people are either really good at keeping house plants alive…or really bad!
But here’s a simple and FREE thing to do to help your houseplants live longer and healthier.

Houseplants live in containers and so as their roots spread through the soil, they hit the sides of the container. Potting soil isn’t just there to provide nutrients but also oxygen to help your plants grow.

Head to your junk drawer and find a chopstick, if you don’t have any a pencil will work too! Poke the stick down into the soil (gently) as deep as you can go. Do this multiple times all over the surface of the soil. If the stick snaps through a couple roots, that is okay. They will grow back stronger after you’re done.

Once you’ve finished, water your plant. You’ll be able to hear the difference as the water will whoosh and crack. And soon you’ll be able to see the difference too! You can repeat this trick a couple times a month to help your plants grow healthily!

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