We loosely followed this COVID-19 homeschool schedule below. Then we made our own. We printed it out and several times a day the kids come back and reference it. I found this to be comforting that they knew what to expect and so did I.

Here’s a couple other thoughts about “homeschooling” during this time:

1. A homeschooling schedule does not need to look like a regular school schedule! Regular school is long with many breaks, but know your child is not actively engaged in learning during every second of that day. Homeschooling can achieve the same results in less time because there are less students to distract from and more one on one learning. So, please don’t think you need to do math for an hour because school does. It probably won’t take that long.

2. In light of a lot of schools being closed and parents taking on the teaching, many people have stepped up and shown what they are doing. This is great; however, please don’t fall into the “Pinterest” mentality and think you are doing things wrong if you’re not doing it as creatively as someone who is posting it on the book or the gram. You do what works best for you and your kids. Don’t be shamed to feel you aren’t good enough. You are THE BEST TEACHER for your child because YOU KNOW THEM BEST.

3. If all else fails, read with your child. Plain and simple. Snuggle up under a blanket, pick a good book, and read together.