Christmas Blessings

Joy99 is partnering with Harvest Stand Ministries, Carpet Bonanza, Gentex, and Gerrit’s Appliance to provide families in need a nice Christmas!

Harvest Stand Ministries provides all of these families with food once or twice a month, which is very helpful, but we want to partner with our listeners to provide these families with gifts to make Christmas extra special this year!!!

Please email to tell us which family and/or person you would like to adopt this Christmas season. All gifts need to be labeled and dropped off at the Joy99 Studio (425 Centerstone Ct. Zeeland, MI 49464) by December 12, 2018.

Isiah & Jamie’s Family (Family #1) – ADOPTED

Jamie and Isiah both recently began full time employment, and moved into their first home. Despite struggles over the past year, they have remained positive and are active members of their church. As a family they would love gift cards to the movies, gas, restaurants, and Meijer/Walmart.

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Corrine’s Family (Family #2) – ADOPTED

The past few years for Corrine have been marked by health issues resulting in financial strain and the inability for her to provide even basic necessities for herself. Corrine could benefit from gift cards to places like GAP outlet, Meijer (gas & food), Petco (for therapy animal), and gas cards.

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Brian & Heather’s Family (Family #3) – ADOPTED

Brian and Heather care for their three children who struggle with a variety of health issues requiring frequent trips to Devos Children’s Hospital. They are hoping to participate in Financial Peace University classes in the spring. Their family could benefit from gift cards to Meijer, the movies, restaurants, Target, Walmart, and gas cards.

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Tim & Adele’s Family (Family #4) – ADOPTED

Tim and Adele are both disabled, with Adele having several recent medical issues and surgeries. They are always happy to give back by donating their time and concern for others.

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Sherry’s Family (Family #5) – ADOPTED

Sherry is a single mom to her 5 year old son, Hunter. Hunter struggles with health issues and Sherry is recovering from a work injury. Despite life’s circumstances, Sherry is always joyful. Sherry and Hunter could benefit from gift cards to Kohls, Target, Walmart, Meijer, and gas cards.

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Jackie’s Family (Family #6) – ADOPTED

Jackie recently immigrated to the U.S. and cares for her daughter, Lillian, who is disabled. Jackie works and also bakes amazing breads to sell at markets.

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Skye’s Family (Family #7) – ADOPTED

Skye is a single mom whose care goes beyond the scope of her immediate family. Along with her own daughters and son she has 2 nieces, her sister, and her dad to take care of. Skye and her family could really benefit from some added support through the holidays. They could also benefit from gift cards to Walmart, Meijer, Speedway, 7/11, McDonalds, the movie theater, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Aldi’s, Mobile and Marathon.

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Don’s Family (Family #8) – ADOPTED

Don is unable to work due to struggling with mental health issues. He relies on disability payments as income. He could also benefit from gift cards to Meijer and Amazon.

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Raul and Olivia’s Family (Family #9) – ADOPTED

Raul and Olivia both recently began full time jobs after being unemployed. Olivia works 3rd shift and cares for her children all day while Raul is at work. They are taking steps forward to become self-sufficient.

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Odila & Juans’s Family (Family #10) – ADOPTED

Odila and Juan both work full time, but experience seasons of being laid off. Their daughter was recently diagnosed with diabetes so they are adjusting to new routines. The family could benefit from gift cards to Meijer, Target, and Walmart.

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Stephanie’s Family (Family #11) – ADOPTED

Stephanie has medical issues which result in sporadic employment. She also cares for her niece in addition to her own children. She is currently looking for permanent work that will accommodate her limitations. Her family could benefit from gift cards to Target, BAM Bowling, Speedway, Burlington, and Steak N Shake.

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Yenifer’s Family (Family #12) – ADOPTED

Yenifer and her husband, Edwin, have a full house. They not only take care of their own 4 kids, they also care for their niece as well. They want nothing more than to know that each of them would be able to have an enjoyable Christmas. The family could benefit from gift cards to Carters, Target, Meijer, any stores in the mall, and Petco.

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Angelitha’s Family (Family #13) – ADOPTED

Angelitha, her fiance Nick, and her son Adam have experienced some unfortunate events resulting in them having to stay in their car. Now they are starting over and would be blessed by an enjoyable Christmas this year. They could benefit from gift cards to Meijer, Walmart, Game Stop, Michaels, Petco and Westco this holiday season.

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Maya’s Family (Family #14) – ADOPTED

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Sherranda’s Family (Family #15) – ADOPTED

Sherranda’s family could benefit from gift cards to Walmart, iTunes, Amazon, and Ulta Beauty this holiday season.

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Sarah and Chris’ Family (Family #16) – ADOPTED

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Shonda and Chris’ Family (Family #17) – ADOPTED

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Diana’ Family (Family #18) – ADOPTED

Diana’s family could benefit from gift cards to the following places this Christmas Season: Meijer, Walmart, Burlington, Starbucks, Kohls, Sears, and Carters.

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