Christmas Blessings

Joy99 is partnering with Harvest Stand Ministries, Carpet Bonanza, Gentex, and Gerrit’s Appliance to provide families in need a nice Christmas!

Harvest Stand Ministries provides all of these families with food once or twice a month, which is very helpful, but we want to partner with our listeners to provide these families with gifts to make Christmas extra special this year!!!

Please email to tell us which family and/or person you would like to adopt this Christmas season. All gifts need to be labeled and dropped off at the Joy99 Studio (425 Centerstone Ct. Zeeland, MI 49464) by December 12, 2018.

Isiah & Jamie’s Family (Family #1) – ADOPTED

Jamie and Isiah both recently began full time employment, and moved into their first home. Despite struggles over the past year, they have remained positive and are active members of their church. As a family they would love gift cards to the movies, gas, restaurants, and Meijer/Walmart.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Jamie (Mom)30L8RedQueen size comforterBoots (size 8.5)
Isiah (Dad)33L/XL34/36RedSnow blower, hand & power toolsWarm work overalls, boots (size 11)
Karde (Son)109/10 (M)9/10 (boys)GreenTwin comforter, snow pants, boots (size 3), jacket, hat, and glovesBatman related collections and legos
Keavhon (Son)55/6 (S)5/6 (boys)BlueCars/trucks, twin size comforter, snow pants, boots (size 13), jacket, hat and gloves.Pants/jeans, shoes, legos, batman/superman

Corrine’s Family (Family #2) – ADOPTED

The past few years for Corrine have been marked by health issues resulting in financial strain and the inability for her to provide even basic necessities for herself. Corrine could benefit from gift cards to places like GAP outlet, Meijer (gas & food), Petco (for therapy animal), and gas cards.

AgeTop Size Bottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Corrine40SM2Grey or BlackDown winter jacket, jeans, long sleeve shirts, button up blouses, dress boots (size 9), and low heels. Help paying for much needed dental work. Corrine has many teeth that need attention due to years of battling anorexia and malnutrition.

Brian & Heather’s Family (Family #3) – ADOPTED

Brian and Heather care for their three children who struggle with a variety of health issues requiring frequent trips to Devos Children’s Hospital. They are hoping to participate in Financial Peace University classes in the spring. Their family could benefit from gift cards to Meijer, the movies, restaurants, Target, Walmart, and gas cards.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Brian (Dad)33XL32/34BlueTools and anything Detroit LionsN/A
Heather (Mom)32XL15/16TealNew living room rug (burgundy)House hold stuff: vacuum, towels, clothes, gift cards, etc...
Ashton (Son)14XL (mens)32/34BlackGift cards to Rue 21, Meijer, and Walmart. A football and basketball.Clothing
Alyssa (Daughter)13M (juniors)5/6 (Juniors)Baby BlueGift cards to the mall, Hollister, Claires, and Rue 21N/A
Aubri (Daughter)1210/12 (girls)7/8 (womens)Tea/Mint GreenGift cards to Justice, Kohls, etc...N/A

Tim & Adele’s Family (Family #4) – ADOPTED

Tim and Adele are both disabled, with Adele having several recent medical issues and surgeries. They are always happy to give back by donating their time and concern for others.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Tim633XL40w 30LBlueWrist watch, beard & mustache trimmerHeavy duty belt, jeans, boots (size 9.5)
Adele61N/AN/AN/AGift cards to Walmart, Meijer, or Olive GardenGift cards to Bed Bath & Beyond

Sherry’s Family (Family #5) – ADOPTED

Sherry is a single mom to her 5 year old son, Hunter. Hunter struggles with health issues and Sherry is recovering from a work injury. Despite life’s circumstances, Sherry is always joyful. Sherry and Hunter could benefit from gift cards to Kohls, Target, Walmart, Meijer, and gas cards.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Sherry (Mom)36XL/2XL16/18 or XLBaby BlueJewelry and a watchClothes and towels
Hunter (son)56/76/7 (adjustable preferred)RedMickey Mouse anything, Thomas the Train anything, Toy Story anythingClothes, snow gloves, snow boots and rain boots (size 13/1)

Jackie’s Family (Family #6) – ADOPTED

Jackie recently immigrated to the U.S. and cares for her daughter, Lillian, who is disabled. Jackie works and also bakes amazing breads to sell at markets.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Jackie (mom)56XLXLN/AWinter hat and glovesWinter clothes
Lillian (daughter)23XLXLN/ASocks, underwear, and an umbrellaWinter clothes and a school bag

Skye’s Family (Family #7) – ADOPTED

Skye is a single mom whose care goes beyond the scope of her immediate family. Along with her own daughters and son she has 2 nieces, her sister, and her dad to take care of. Skye and her family could really benefit from some added support through the holidays. They could also benefit from gift cards to Walmart, Meijer, Speedway, 7/11, McDonalds, the movie theater, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Aldi’s, Mobile and Marathon.

AgeTop Size Bottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Skye (self)31L13Pink & BlueColoring books, crafts, fabric, gift cards, and storage bowlsPots and pans and storage bowls
Lee (dad)65M34/34N/AGift cardsDress shoes (size 9) and clothes
Kristen (sister)29L13PinkGift cardsPants and socks
Hannah (daughter)1114/1614/16PurpleBarbie Dream, American Girl dollhouse, bike, or a barbie jeepShoes (size 8 womens), clothes, or gift cards
Arloa (niece)1114/1614/16PinkLego's, arts and crafts, and Little Pet ShopSocks, underwear, and gift cards
Liliana (niece)910/1210/12BlueLego's, arts and crafts, and Little Pet ShopSocks, underwear, and gift cards
Christopher (son)914/1614/16BlueBeyblades, bike, drone, and gift cardsClothes and shoes (size 5 youth)
Lou (daughter)112 month12 monthN/ARocking horse, car, toys, and clothesClothes, diapers, and wipes

Don’s Family (Family #8) – ADOPTED

Don is unable to work due to struggling with mental health issues. He relies on disability payments as income. He could also benefit from gift cards to Meijer and Amazon.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Don592XL40BlueA blender, Amazon Alexa, and something for his dog SammieJeans, athletic shoes (size 10), and a vacuum

Raul and Olivia’s Family (Family #9) – ADOPTED

Raul and Olivia both recently began full time jobs after being unemployed. Olivia works 3rd shift and cares for her children all day while Raul is at work. They are taking steps forward to become self-sufficient.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Olivia (Mom)40LLRedGift cards to StarbucksN/A
Raul (Dad)49LLGreenGift cards to Lowe'sN/A
Paula (Daughter)16M16/18 or SGreeniTunes gift cardsN/A
Caleb (Son)13S14/16 or SBlueGift cards to Tilly'sN/A
Gabriel (Son)10S10/12 or SGreenLego Batman setN/A
Ruth (Daughter)8S10/12 or SPinkLego friends setN/A
Aliana (Daughter)2S2/4 or SRedDollhouseN/A

Odila & Juans’s Family (Family #10) – ADOPTED

Odila and Juan both work full time, but experience seasons of being laid off. Their daughter was recently diagnosed with diabetes so they are adjusting to new routines. The family could benefit from gift cards to Meijer, Target, and Walmart.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Odila (self)52M8/MPurplePots and spoonsDress and flats (size 7)
Juan (husband)42LLGreenN/AWarm clothes and shirts
Edmundio (father in law)65LMBluePants and shirtsWarm clothes and sweat pants
Crystal (daughter)16S16/S or MPeach & yellowCoatClothes
Moises (son)15LLRed & blackSweater and video gamesClothes

Stephanie’s Family (Family #11) – ADOPTED

Stephanie has medical issues which result in sporadic employment. She also cares for her niece in addition to her own children. She is currently looking for permanent work that will accommodate her limitations. Her family could benefit from gift cards to Target, BAM Bowling, Speedway, Burlington, and Steak N Shake.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Stephanie28M14BlackSports bra, workout clothes, area rug, and gas cardsBoots (size 9), coat (size M), and socks
Kyeria (niece)14S3PinkCamera, laptop, cellphone charger, hair extentions (weave)Shirts, hoodies, socks, and boots (size 7)
Shane (son)8S8GreenBoard games, action figures, and fireworksPants, socks, boots (size 3 kids), and underwear
Xander (son)33T3TYellowBooks and bright flashy light up toysShirts, pants, boots (size 5 young), and diapers (size 5)

Yenifer’s Family (Family #12) – ADOPTED

Yenifer and her husband, Edwin, have a full house. They not only take care of their own 4 kids, they also care for their niece as well. They want nothing more than to know that each of them would be able to have an enjoyable Christmas. The family could benefit from gift cards to Carters, Target, Meijer, any stores in the mall, and Petco.

AgeTopBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Edwin (dad)32LLBlackHoodies, running shoes (size 10.5), and car cleaning suppliesJeans (size 36x30) and a car oil change gift card
Yenifer (mom)33XLXLBlack & brownBed sheets (king size), vacuum cleaner, and a crockpotWinter boots (size 10) and leggings (size XL)
Fernando (niece)17SN/AN/AWater bottle and head phonesA new backpack and running shoes (size 9)
Daniel (step son)N/AN/AN/ARed & blackSoccer backpackSocks
Lydia (daughter)57/8N/AN/AMoonlite Books ("Love you forever", "Princesses wear pants", "If you ever want to bring an alligator to school"Running/school shoes (size 13), inside winter boots (size 13)
Noah (son)35T/6T6-7N/APaw Patrol boat or airplane, Mr Bucket game, or any table games for his ageRunning shoes (size 11), inside winter boots (size 11)
Iris (daughter)2 months6M6MN/AGeneral baby needs like books, toys, a bath tubGeneral baby needs like books, toys, a bath tub

Angelitha’s Family (Family #13) – ADOPTED

Angelitha, her fiance Nick, and her son Adam have experienced some unfortunate events resulting in them having to stay in their car. Now they are starting over and would be blessed by an enjoyable Christmas this year. They could benefit from gift cards to Meijer, Walmart, Game Stop, Michaels, Petco and Westco this holiday season.

Angelitha (self)392822 ShortGreenA place to call home and service animal supplies and toysKitchen supplies and bathroom supplies
Nick (fiancee)26L36/34RedA place to call home and Bronco's stuffShoes/boots (size 13w) and any house supplies
Adam (son)15L34/34 or LPurpleJazz & hip hop dance shoes (size 12.5), Steven King books, PS supplies, and booksClothes, bedding (full size), hearing aid batteries, and service animal supplies

Maya’s Family (Family #14) – ADOPTED

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Maya (self)25M10BlueCar, wedding dress, spa day, and a puppySocks, cups, clothes, shoes (size 8), and pots
Fiance34L/XL3-8 (mens)BrownLaptop and a houseSocks
Tasha (niece)1414/16 or S6PinkCellphone and MannequinClothes and shoes (size 6)
Orlando (son)1318 or L24/32BlueLaptop and roller skates (shoe size 8.5/9)Shoes (size 8.5/9), clothes, and underwear
TJ (son)55 or S6/7 or 7/8GreenKids dirt bike or swordClothes, socks, and shoes (size 12)
Jeremiah (nephew)8 months8-12 months12 monthsBlueLight up toysClothes and stroller

Sherranda’s Family (Family #15) – ADOPTED

Sherranda’s family could benefit from gift cards to Walmart, iTunes, Amazon, and Ulta Beauty this holiday season.

AgeTop Size
Sherranda (mom)33SY (young women)BrownBig towels, vacuum, candles, queen size comforter (brown)Big towels, pots & pans, vacuum, hangers, dove soap, underwear, socks, kitchenware, candles, and bras (34b)
Daughter16MY (young women)Grey, black, and whiteLotion, lip gloss, beauty blender makeup, and smell goodsJackets, socks, makeup wipes, bras, face wash, body wash, fuzzy socks, and earrings
Antonio (son)15M9-10 youthYellow and blueSoft blanket, ear buds, hoodies, Disney classic movies, teddy bear, iTunes gift cardSocks, underwear, deodorant, hangers, lotion, and a queen comforter set.

Sarah and Chris’ Family (Family #16) – ADOPTED

AgeTop Size
Sarah (Mom)29M13 or L Purple and blueQueen size comforter or GPS34C Bra, socks, and pots and pans
Chris (Dad)272XL2XL or 42x32Black, blue, and redLions hoodie, t-shirts, Levi jeans, PS4 controller, and NBA 2k19White sleeveless undershirt and boxer briefs (2XL)
Chris Jr. (Son)35T11 (toddler)BlueRemote control truck and car case for hot wheelsJeans, underwear, and bath toys
Jase (Son)7 months12-18 months12-18 monthsBlue, black, and greenPush walker and Johnnie JumperDiapers size 5

Shonda and Chris’ Family (Family #17) – ADOPTED

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Shonda (Mom)43XLN/APinkLong slipper socks, pillow, Michigan sweatshirt (2XL), Starbucks gift card, and gift cards for nailsSocks and underwear (size 8)
Chris (Dad)473XLN/AN/APillow, Michigan or Lions anything, hooded sweatshirts,, and fully closable coffee cupGloves, socks, and boxers
Sydni (Daughter)111XLN/ABlueSlime, coloring crafts, water bottle, hair things, jewelry, pillow, and beddingSocks and underwear (size)
Tabitha (Daughter)261XLN/ABlueSweaters or cardigans, slouchy boots (size 10), pedi gift card, and card gamesSocks, pillow, Barnes & Noble gift card, fully closable coffee cup and a bra (size 38D)
Devin (Son)272XLN/ABluePS4 gift cards, house shoes, Mountain Dew, BBQ chips and SnickersSocks, underwear (size 30), pillow and winter gloves
Dimitri (Grandson)12T2TN/ACars, books, diapers (size 5), toy cameras, and any boy toysSocks and shoes (baby size 9), clothes, toddler bedding & pillow, balls and gloves
Dominik (Grandson)5 months6 month6 monthN/AWalking toys and learning toys and booksSocks, clothes, and diapers (size 3)
Devion (Grandson)1010/1210/12N/ARemote control cars, basketball, and soccer ballSocks, underwear (size 7/8), blanket, pillow, and long basketball shorts
Dwayne (Son-in-law)312XLN/AN/APS4 gift cards, house shoes, and PS4 controllerSocks, underwear (size 38), pillow, and winter gloves

Diana’ Family (Family #18) – ADOPTED

Diana’s family could benefit from gift cards to the following places this Christmas Season: Meijer, Walmart, Burlington, Starbucks, Kohls, Sears, and Carters.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWant(s)Need(s)
Diana 363XLN/ABlueLap top, rice cooker, gas grill, snow blower, ipad, electronic light up keyboard pianoShark Duo Clean Vacuum, Large non-stick pots and pans set, and 4XL winter coat
Abel363XL38/34BlueTimberlins (size 13), Nintendo 64 with Mario World, Portable keyboard piano, and beanie hatsHooded sweatshirts and 3XL winter coat
Zeke21XL38/30BluePS4, tablet, Bike, Firestick, and iPodBoots (size 10), hooded sweatshirts, socks.
Tripp193XL2XLRedTimberlins (size 13), gaming chair, PS4, red snap-back hat, laptop, and tabletHooded sweatshirts, beanie hats, socks, shorts, t-shirts, watch, and shoes (size 13)
Sabrina172XLN/ABlueiPad and flat screen TVHooded sweatshirts, socks, boots & shoes (size 9)
Mackenzie132XL1XLBlueLight up hoverboard, iPod, iPad, and slime kitsBoots & tennis shoes (size 11) and an electric pencil sharpener
Arianna814/1614/16Blue & PinkHoverboard, TV, blue & black bike, iPad, and slime kitsBoots & tennis shoes, twin box spring & frame

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