1. Give Meaning Behind the Egg: The egg, in and of itself, holds significant meaning. For one, it symbolizes rebirth. Yet, for Christians, it holds an even deeper meaning as its open cavity represents the empty tomb.
2. How to Explain the Easter Bunny: We can explain that the egg represents rebirth, but bunnies represent life. Jesus, while not exactly like a bunny, is known to be the giver of “new life” and fresh beginnings (Ephesians 2:1-10).
3. Introduce a “Last Supper”: We can discuss the importance of this meal with our children and act it out with them in a very real and relevant way.
4. Have a “Christ-Centered” Basket: Place Christ-centered goodies in their basket, such as chocolate crosses, stories about Jesus, stuffed lambs, or decorative Bible verses to recognize that the basket symbolizes Christ’s bounty of blessings.
5. Create Crafts That Reflect Christ: While you can always hit up a local craft store and find organized crafts, or at least get some simple supplies to make cross necklaces or a paper mâché tomb, you may just want to make do with some of the supplies you have at home.