I recently read this interesting article about how to reset and relax with family. It can be hard, especially while working from home, turn off work when you’re done for the day and relax. Family dinner can be a great way to do that – but that isn’t always doable for every family.

The suggestion is to pick a time every day (example 5:50 pm to 6:00 pm) that is “family time.”
What does that time look like? Here are the rules of family time:
1. Everybody reports to the living room.
2. Everybody puts down their phones or video games.
3. Everybody has a chance to share one thing.

That thing could just be something you did or saw that day or something that has been on your mind!

Here’s what one family wrote about their family time:
“We’ve been logging daily family time consistently for over a month, and it lasts because the kids love it. An alarm goes off every day at 5:50, and they round us all up and then enjoy fighting each other for prime seats on the couch as they bask in the glow of everybody paying attention to them (and each other) for 10 whole minutes.”