Your Sweater Sleeves

If you’re looking for a new sweater or thinking about knitting one, the latest looks are all about the sleeves!  
We’ve talked about the resurgence of the FairAisle sweater and chunky, oversized knits in general. But when it comes to something completely fresh and really never seen before, designers are wearing their creativity on their sleeves. Quite literally!
Big bubble sleeve sweaters with oversized knit ball details, fluffy fringe, cable knots and crocheted ruffles are what you’ll find adorning the hottest sweater looks for winter 2022. These are completely new and really reflect advancements in loom and manufacturing technology. Creating sweaters with such enormous knit detail used to be a hand-made proposition, but now they can be done on a mass scale and the creations are honestly unbelievable and truly gorgeous. 
The best aspect of these designer creations is that they are created to look handmade…so if you are so inclined or want to take up a stress-reducing activity, you can create a gorgeous winter 22 sweater of your own. 
Many of these looks highlight what could be considered imperfections or asymmetry so there is a lot of room for trail and error. 
But whether buying or creating, stay focused on fabulous sleeves when it comes to your new sweaters. Creative sweater sleeves look fresh and modern and will update the rest of your look with one purchase. 

You can do this! XOA