If you haven’t picked up a fabulously fashionable spring/summer straw hat now is the time! With festivals, beach trips, concerts and outdoor fun back in full swing, you simply need the sun protection and the stylish swagger a fabulous fedora or chapeau brings.  

Hats are IN!

Hats have never been more popular and everyone can pull one off. You can find them for under $20 or over $2000, but a stylish hat is a must this season. 
When choosing your summer hat think about your favorite spring/summer items. Are they more neutral and brown or is there more black in your summer wardrobe? I like to buy hats that I can change and adjust the ribbon or band, so that I have lots more coordinating wardrobe options. You can easily DIY a hatband with ribbons or feathers. 

Change Hats To Match

When traveling your hat doesn’t need to take up any room at all. I turn my hat upside down in my luggage and surround/brace the crown with clothes like rolled tees or knits. Then I stuff the hat with clothes like socks or sleeping clothes to keep the crown from collapsing. This technique works great and again, doesn’t take up any space at all. 
So don’t be afraid to buy a great new hat, enjoy wearing your stylish hat and travel with your hat. 
You can do this. XO Andy