Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “Wrestling with God”. Well, let’s just say that I ‘got into the ring’ with the Lord the other day.

I pulled into my driveway, and saw my wife , and one of my sons, on their hands and knees in the grass. I knew something wasn’t right.

I asked, “Is everything ok?” “No, we can’t find the screw that we dropped.” You see, this screw was important in fixing my son’s car. And of course, this was a specialized screw. And, like I mentioned, they were fixing this in the grass.

They had been looking for 15 minutes, and couldn’t find the screw. So, we huddled up, took a moment and prayed. We keep looking. Kept praying. Kept wrestling!!

After several minutes, we found the screw! Now, this wasn’t moving mountains, or curing a disease, but it showed me the joy of praying, instead of being frantic.

Is there something you’ve been missing that needs to be found? I wonder what would happen if you simply stop, pray, and wrestle with God about finding it? Seek the joy of answered prayer.

Keep Wrestling. Go make a difference. Always run by faith.