It’s time to turn our thoughts to fall and winter. Like I mentioned last week, there is a strong possibility we will be seeing less inventory in the coming seasons, so if you’re in the market for something new, you’ll want to shop earlier and not later this year.
Happily a trend of the past is back in a big way. The blanket coat, over sized wraps and capes…anything the swaddles you in warmth is what this season’s outerwear trend is all about.
Quite obviously this is an extension of the casual pandemic comfy trend we’ve all come to know and love. The coats and warm layers of the season are basic blankets with little structure, layers of textiles and quilted details.  Imagine your sleeping bag as a coat, or your sofa throw belted as a top layer. There you have it. Today’s coats!
Remember you can find many of these trends 2nd hand. You don’t have to pay full price unless you’re crazy for it. There are lots of these styles available online as well. So again,  shop early for the best selection no matter where you shop.
You can do this!