…and I don’t usually go physically into the bank. But I needed to the other day. It was very busy. (that’s why I usually just do my banking online!) Anyway, there were two tellers and about 6 customers. I could hear other workers in the back talking about snacks and diets and Valentine’s Day, etc. And honestly, I was getting annoyed. “Why can’t the other workers come help these poor two tellers?” was one of my thoughts. Another thought was “I certainly hope they help ME before they help the drive-thru people!” and “wonder if I’m going to be late for my appointment”.

Well, about 10 minutes passed and I still wasn’t up to the counter. I’m SURE my face was doing all kinds of ugly things. And then I noticed my foot. My foot was tapping. I was literally tapping my foot impatiently with my arms crossed like a 6-year-old.

Then it happened. It was my turn! Hallelujah. I didn’t rush the counter, I waited to be called. And I waited. The teller had gone to help the drive-thru people who CLEARLY had gotten there after me! Eventually, she came back to the window and asked what she could do for me. All kinds of negative comments and thoughts came flooding just to the edge of my tongue, but I stopped. I didn’t say them. Win. But I thought them. And I was LESS than pleasant with her. Lose. All the time for cordial chit-chat and niceties were gone now. I had been inconvenienced too much. I got what I needed and exited stage left.

As I was moving briskly toward the door, I heard the woman behind me sweetly encouraging the teller, saying “wow, you’re busy today, but you’re doing a great job!” She was spreading JOY! She was a light in a dark world. I was a wet blanket in a storm. Unnecessary, moldy, and stinky. Not warm and comforting and uplifting. Ugh. Who was I that day? I don’t even recognize her. I hope she left. I hope she’s gone forever. I don’t want to be THAT lady. I want to be the lady that was behind me. ~Embarrassingly, Brooke.

Proverbs 14:29 – “Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays folly.”