Center Part or Side Part

Center Parts vs. Side Parts!

Did you know there’s a huge generational debate about how best to part your hair!  Gen Z is all about the center part as they reject ALL THINGS Millennial and Millennials are holding firm to the side part. So which is best? 

Sorry Z…there is no doubt…the side parts wins…and here is why! 

The severity of a center part widens your nose and draws direct attention to the lack of symmetry we all have in our faces. Uneven eyebrows, different size eyes and crooked smiles are really put on parade when you draw a straight line down your head and face. The lack of symmetry or balance becomes glaring with a center part and it just takes on a feeling of not knowing better. 

Meanwhile, the side part softens features and helps camouflage imperfections or lack of symmetry. Unevenness is much less noticeable and your nose definitely looks more proportioned with a side part. It’s simply the wiser, more elegant choice. 

Dozen and dozens of celebrities start their careers and red carpet years with a center part until professional handlers get a hold of them and crush that mistake for future red carpets walks. 

So, it’s just the science of beauty. It’s in our DNA to look for and find pleasure and beauty in symmetry and balance. And a side part helps blur the lack of symmetry we all have in our faces. 

So again, the side part wins. 

You can do this!

XO Andy 

Center Part or Side Part
Center Part or Side Part
Center Part or Side Part