Our Fashionista Andy Paige knows what you should be shopping for now!


July 4th is the official end of summer when it comes to in-store merchandise for retailers nation wide. Shelves are being cleared and restocked with BACK TO SCHOOL items so all things summer can be snagged for 50-70% off.

If you held off buying a new bathing suit, replacing sandals or picking up some shorts, now is the time to hit the stores, NOT the sites, for incredible discounts.

Unlike e-Commerce which is built around warehousing, brick and mortar retail demands that merchandise be liquidated to make room for the upcoming season.

So if you haven’t darkened the door of a mall, department store or big box store in months thanks to at home delivery, you should head to one for the largest discounts on all types of summer merchandise.

Ready, set, go to town and SHOP!!!