We all have weddings on our calendars for the coming weeks and I hate to be Ms. Manners, but before you get dressed for the sweet nuptials, let’s revisit a few fashion rules that still apply when it comes to proper attire for wedding guests. 

There is so very much planning, preparation and investment that goes into creating a beautiful experience for everyone involved in a wedding, you want to be sure to show your respect and appreciation for the bride/groom and families efforts by showing up on time, dressed in something comfortable (yes) and appropriate for the event. 

I understand that we have become slaves to comfort and casual is king, but I can promise you, no bride dreams of 100 guests dressed in jeans and sneakers at her wedding. Please do not be afraid of overdressing for a wedding. Be very very afraid of underdressing for a wedding. This is classless. 

The invitation will set the tone and quite often spell out the suggested dress code for the wedding. Pay attention to the invitation. 

Women should expect to wear a dress of some kind and men should expect to wear pants (not denim) and a button-up shirt at the very least. 

Ladies avoid wearing white, neon colors, animal print, or anything too revealing, shiny or sequined. Flip flops are a no-no, opt for a flat sandal for a casual wedding and avoid anything you would wear to a nightclub. 

Guys, just know you’re going to need to be a little more formal for about an hour and then you can loosen that tie, take off a jacket and be more relaxed, but it’s much more respectful to show up with a sports coat or in a suit and peel away the layers for the reception. It will be greatly appreciated, I promise. 

Weddings are a celebration. They are also a ceremony, both of which traditionally call for a little more effort. So don’t play it so cool that you cross a line and become a bad wedding guest. Enjoy the event and getting dressed for it.