Let’s talk about…
TradWife life and the return of the house dress!
Can you even believe it? Traditional wifey stuff is totally trending. Everything from making your own butter to jello molds are hot topics on social platforms and with that comes the return of the “house dress!”
Ladies are ditching the daily yoga garb for cottage core house dresses. Cute cotton throw-ons are adorable, fresh and beautiful. So easy and always feminine the house dress is an awesome alternative to two or three piece dressing.
These dresses are known for being cool, wash and wear, feminine patterns and affordable price points. Simple grab and go style that will look pulled together with just a little mascara, lipstick, sandals and ladylike handbag.
I love love love this shift and am thrilled to see a return to feminine ease and powerful unexpected fashion power.
This isn’t a Donna Reed moment, it’s a modern TradWife perspective.
We can do this!