You never know when a nugget of truth is going to be shared that may have been a “throw-away comment” that really speaks into someone’s life at exactly the right time. On the This Lyric, That Truth episode with Abby Zeerip we were talking about the importance of volunteering and the practice Abby has of praying over each kid in her children’s school by laying her hands on a stack of papers with each of their names and asking God to bless each one. We got off topic and talked about how our boys play travel baseball and launched into a discussion of being an “including Mom” and inviting new parents into our pre-established circles. A good friend of mine sent me a text that she had been really bummed about the time commitment of her own son’s travel ball schedule, but after listening she thought “I can be a light right there where God planted me”. She said it turned her whole attitude around.

I’m learning and growing so much in having these longer-form conversations with people. I’m learning to share my faith more boldly and not worry so much about the outcome but just worry about being obedient. I’m learning to lean into the nudges of the Holy Spirit when a person comes to mind to send them a text or a note that I’m thinking of them. I’m learning how to truly help a grieving person by offering specific offers of help and offering more time to listen to them and let them know they are not alone. (That episode will launch in a few weeks). I’m inspired by a young couple that just set off to Africa to start their new lives sharing the gospel in this episode.

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