Hot for summer…

Sometimes trends can be so simple it’s just a matter of putting things that you already own, together in a new way!  Such is the case for this week’s hot summer 2020 trend of wearing red, orange and pink together!

These hot lava shades look fresh and different and designers were all in love with this combo during the spring/summer fashion shows.  There is plenty of these warm hues in stores and on line, but perhaps you already have some fun red jeans or a pink skirt in your closet. A fuchsia jacket, orange cardigan or tomato colored tee just waiting to be used. Break out all of your warm, vibrant solid colored garments and start to wear them together.

These tones look amazing together and creating this trend for yourself couldn’t be simpler. So when you’re getting dressed tomorrow. Skip the black, cement and wheat tones and layer up the lava hues. Heads will turn, you’ll get tons of complements and you’ll feel renewed in your old stuff!

You can do this!