Many people have switched to using reusable water bottles which are great for so many reasons! Things like your health and always having drinking water on hand as well as to protect the environment. But most of us would be surprised to find out we aren’t washing our reusable water bottles near enough! Brian Sansoni, Senior Vice President of Communications at The American Cleaning Institutle told Apartment Therapy that “you should be washing your water bottle after every use, or daily if you refill throughout the day. It may only hold water but bacteria breeds in damp, dark environments like the inside of the bottle.”  Which leaves us asking…what if we got too long without washing?! “Germs will grow on your reusable water bottles after each and every use. Combined with the fact that mold & mildew thrive in moist, dark areas – let’s just say this is not a container you would want to drink anything out of.”