(source: eternity news)
If you like your veggies cute, talkative and Bible-based, then news of VeggieTales’ return will be music to your ears.

The animated VeggieTales series that entertained millions of kids and parents during the 1990s is returning to screens this December. Over the next three years, 18 new episodes of the Christian-based cartoon will be rolled out.

The new series will kick off with The Best Christmas Gift, soon to be released on DVD and digital, accompanied by an album featuring six new songs from the episode.

Creators of the original series, Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki (who are also the voices of much-loved characters Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber, respectively) will again be at the helm of the new episodes. Set to air on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) in the US – with NBC Universal as a co-producer – the new series will have the same “Veggies” vibe, Vischer promises. There also will be more New Testament stories and gospel content.