What a day PACKED FULL of great music and sure to produce some special moments:

2:00 Unity Praise Our homegrown band warms you up and starts the day out the right way-singing, worshipping and praising God together!

2:45 Anna Pearson Anna’s lyrics are amazing, her musicianship is first class, her voice is authentic.

3:45 Coby James-Another new Unity talent! Described as a guitar “aficionado”, a “fanatically good” guitarist and an “intense” musician, he is also a gifted songwriter and singer.

4:45 Honor & Glory– The guys from Disciple are staying over one extra day to bring their Worship set to the Country Dairy Main Stage. Can you rock hard and worship even more? Yes, you can!!

6:00 Rachael Lampa – JOY99 has been playing, “Perfectly Loved” and back at Unity with a ton of hits, newer and older! A set that is sure to leave you encouraged!

7:20 Jordan Feliz– His big hit of 2022, “Jesus Is Coming Back” will light up Unity! With his upbeat, super catchy style, and Unique, soulful sound, Jordan’s music continues to bring rave reviews and diverse descriptions.

8:50 Casting Crowns Will you know every song? Yup! Will you LOVE every song? Oh yeah! Songs that uplift, challenge and comfort; a live performance from one of Christian music’s truly iconic artists- a night you won’t soon forget!