Tommy had the honor, and privilege, to have a guest role on, “The Watchers” on RedeemTV. “The Watchers” is a spiritual thriller about the archangel Michael’s mission to protect humanity from his brother the devil. One of the cool things is that it was shot in Grand Rapids by Compass College of Film and Media!

You can see Tommy in an episode in which he plays a radio host in Chicago.

Tommy ready for action!

Compass College rolled cameras once more on The Watchers series to get some important pickup shots.  We were blessed to be joined by JOY99 radio host Tommy Dylan in a guest role. 

Behind the scenes in “The Watchers”

We highly encourage you, and your family, to watch this show, as it is a Faith-based show. Find it through (@redeemTV1) And, the more you show support for the show, the more likely it is to be renewed for another season.