Designers like Versace, LV, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Burberry and more all featured this in their fall 2021 shows and I think it’s the one hot item people will be reaching for.  The item everyone wants come September is the sweater vest.
The sweater vest is the continuation of the “Dad Trends” we’ve seen over the past year. Items like clunky sneakers, Bermudas and Hawaiian prints are just a few of the fashion trends inspired by Dads and the sweater vest is the next facet to our obsession with oversized manly Dad wear. 
Great news…you probably have a sweater vest you can get your hands on. Someone you know has this in their wardrobe for sure. Start your hunt and lay claim to those vests now. You’re going to want to throw it on in just a few short weeks. 

You can do this! XOA