As we get closer to Valentines and celebrating relationships, it is important to think about our single friends and family members! Here’s an article from Reader’s Digest with 14 things you should never say to them!

  1. “Why aren’t you married yet?”
  2. “Stop being so picky”
  3. “Have you tried…?”
  4. “Don’t worry, keep waiting for The One. He/she is right around the corner”
  5. “You’re special and unique. Don’t settle for just anyone”
  6. “Don’t worry, you’ll meet somebody when the time is right”
  7. “I know somebody else single…”
  8. “Why are YOU still single?”
  9. “Who broke your heart?”
  10. “It must be lonely being single”
  11. “Are you putting yourself out there enough?”
  12. “Is it difficult that your younger sibling is getting married before you?”
  13. “I’m sorry you can’t come out with us, but it’s only for couples”
  14. “You’re too intimidating, you need to change your attitude and your priorities…”