Take this rare opportunity and turn the isolation to your advantage; because the world is improved when its occupants are inspired and motivated, rather than anxious and overwhelmed.

1. Take a course that you always wanted to take
Here’s a list of Ivy League free courses to get you started!

2. Color these printable pages
Just Color has some fabulous free downloadable coloring pages!

3. Enjoy Virtual Tours
We’ve built a whole list of different places giving virtual tours!

4. Read a book
If you have a phone or tablet with the Kindle app or an actual Kindle, many local libraries have a way for you to borrow books online.

5. Organize small areas
Clean out and organize your junk drawer or cupboard – it will feel like a huge accomplishment.

6. Clean your screens
Remove smudges and grime from all your screens and keyboards.

7. Talk on the phone
Take some time to recharge old friendships by dropping them a line.

8. Do the once-a-year jobs
Flip over and rotate your mattress, purge your phone of bad photos and contacts, dust the bookshelf, clean out your clothes closet & load up a bag to giveaway.

9. Make a pandemic playlist
Feel good songs only.

10. Focus on self-care
Start your day with some stretches. Soak in the tub with some candles. Scrub your feet. Bring flowers in the house. And remember to drink plenty of water.

11. Try a new recipe
Make something you “never have time” to cook

12. Sew those buttons or small holes

13. Take vitamins
Making sure your body is getting the vitamins it needs can help keep you healthy!

14. Do some puzzles
Traditional puzzles like crosswords and jigsaws can be wonderfully beneficial for your cognitive health.

15. Write a good old fashioned letter

16. Learn an instrument
If you’ve ever dreamt of picking up an instrument, now is the perfect time.

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