You’ve heard me talk about the room in my home, right when you walk in the door that is just hideous. I couldn’t stand it. I wanted it to be this really cool studio office, but I had NO idea how to make that happen. And then I met my new friends at Williams Kitchen & Bath!

They helped me get some really cool cabinets!

This corner will have a higher counter for my recording studio part of my desk.

I LOVE the upper cabinets with the crown molding! It really looks like an actual office! (and I love this guy for all his help! Thanks, Captain!)

I’m SO THANKFUL for Sandy at Williams Kitchen & Bath! She made some cool plans to put in a built in desk and cupboards. Thanks to EVERYONE that took the time to vote! I’m going with design option #2 and the Sedona Maple Willow cabinets! (that vote was a landslide!)

We’re THIS CLOSE to being COMPLETELY done! I’m hoping to show you the finished room next week! It’s been a transformation for SURE!

What’s your wish-list project? I KNOW Williams can help you with yours! Click below to see what’s happening at their outlet!