The Tube Dress

A reboot you could either love or hate, the tube dress is back…very Rachel, Monica & Phoebe. 

As I travel Spain, I am seeing tube dresses in every length, stretchy fabrication and price point. From basic spandex to stretch velvet, you can snag a $20 tube dress at a flea market or a $1200 version on Designer row. 

No matter your budget, this simple slip-on is a fabulous base layer for extraordinary coats or a flirty silhouette for date night, or even a more formal or cocktail-type function if the length passes your calves. 

Fabrics technology has advanced like crazy over the past decade, so don’t think this is a no-go with your shape until you try it. You may be pleasantly surprised at how fabulous this clingy tube dress makes you look and feel. 

The Tube Dress

You can do this!