1. Shop Secondhand: From clothes to electronics…you’ll pay a fraction of retail prices.
2. Save On Groceries: Use coupons and start buying store brands or generic.
3. Break Costly Habits: Take shopping apps off your phone, limit eating out or buying expensive specialty coffees.
4. Save On Meds: Find out if there are generic versions or coupons and discounts to use.
5. Be More Resourceful: Find things you could re-use or recycle.
6. Use A Budgeting System: Methods like the envelope system can help you see what your spending and places you can cut.
7. Save On Household Bills, like subscriptions or memberships you don’t really use.
8. Find little ways to save, even if it’s $5 here and there.
9. Don’t Waste Money: From frivolous purchases to interest charges and late fees, they all waste money.
10. Find Hidden Cash: You might have items you can sell online or can collect items for a yard sale.