Here’s what Toby Mac had to say about his song, “Promised Land”.

“I think if we’re honest, every one of us has wondered at one time or another, ‘where’s my promised land? Where’s the blessing for me and my family that would come my way on this earth if I chose to follow the King of Kings?’ There is scripture to support that, but is that really the promise of the Promised Land? I shot the video in a coal mine in honor of my granddad, a miner from West Virginia. My dad grew up in a mining camp there. It was a hard life. A life where I imagined they must have wondered, ‘where in the world is our promised land?’ I know everything we’ve been walking through you might be wondering that same thing. ‘Where’s the promised land? Can we find a promised land on earth or is it eternity? Can we find it in the pain and our valleys? Maybe even in our beautiful days?’ The lyrics of this song lands exactly where I want my life to land. It’s that our promised land is really no land at all, but a relationship with the king that loves us deeply. It turns from ‘where’s our promised land’ to ‘You’re my promised land.’ Maybe the promised land we’re looking for isn’t a place at all, but a person named Jesus.”