Spiral Curls

While traveling this past weekend and enjoying the damp mystique of Dublin, I received several compliments on my spiral curls. Like lots of compliments. 
Whenever anyone asks me about my hair, I always give them my favorite tip, which I’ve shared before, but I got to thinking; we are heading into Christmas card photo season and I know mom’s want both their girls and themselves to look extra special, so I thought I’d remind our listeners about my number one most important tip for creating the perfect heat wanded, spiral curls…you must must must have an OVE’ GLOVE or heat resistant glove equivalent!
You know, the chef glove that was created for pizza ovens!  That one that’s sold on TV every Christmas…that Ove’Glove! Yep, that Ove’Glove!
The Ove’Glove is designed to withstand and resistant heat up to 500 degrees and most heat wands max out between 420-480 degrees. So with an Ove’Glove, you can capture and actually hold your hair AND the ends around the wand creating more perfect spiral waves. 
I section my hair into 6 pieces and hold each section tightly for one minute. That’s really all it takes. I let the sections cool completely and then separate them with my fingers.  I always use a small or thinner wand for my curls so I can enjoy the “slow fall” that happens over a couple of days. The curls start out tighter, but by day three, I just have lovely waves. Which is awesome. 
The Ove’Glove is the key. It allows you to hold everything in place so each hair section is heated uniformly without burning your hand! If you’ve ever tried creating heat wanded curls in the past, you’re not going to believe the difference with an Ove’Glove. The compliments will start rolling in. Ha!
You can do this!


The ‘Ove’ Glove