Apparently, it’s not as painful as it used to be!

Some of us are old enough to remember when the first epilator was introduced. A small handheld machine that promised hair-free arms, legs, and anything else you could handle having hair snatched out of. 
The lady in the commercial wasn’t crying or wincing…In fact, she looked so happy to be using an epilator. 
Every woman and her sister bought one and word spread pretty quickly that is was the most painful, ridiculous torcher device ever created!! Death to the epilator!
Cut to a few decades later and the current generation is quite comfortable with waxing torcher. Most women engage in hair removal of some sort and millions wax, thread, laser or tweeze!  So it makes sense for … the reintroduction of the epilator!!
It’s spring, sundresses are a breath away and bathing suits will soon follow. If you’re up for the uncomfort you’re going to be amazed at the improvements in epilators. You can take them in the shower now, the heads are 50% larger and the time spent using an epilator has been cut in half. 
Before you drop your next $20-$40 on hair removal, google epilators and check out the latest reviews. You’re going to be shocked. And maybe you’ll have a new way of being hair-free for 2021!
You can do this! XOA