Banana Clips

Why did we stop using these things?  Hahaha!  The biggest 80’s hair trend and possibly best hair accessory ever created is back and super hot!  If you don’t know what a banana clip is, it’s two banana-shaped combs that come together at both ends to help create the look of a full pony/faux hawk. 
It’s crazy simple to use. You open one end bring it to the base of your neck and scoop your hair up with both combs, then fasten at the top. You’ll have the appearance of a longer, fuller ponytail in seconds flat. This is fabulous for skipping hair wash day or creating a modern updo.  Your hair will be off of your neck, but because the banana clip starts at the base of the neck your ponytail looks longer. 

The Banana Clip

This is a great option with today’s wolf cuts and modern layered shags, which often fall out of a single elastic. 
If you’ve recently made the leap to fuller, shaggy, shorter layers the banana clip will be your new best friend. 
You can find adorned banana clips or ones that completely hide in your hair. 
Wooohoooo!  The banana clip returns!

You can do this! XOA