Puffer Skirts

We’ve seen the puffer coat, jacket and vest become the go-to cold weather cover for almost everyone in the family. Whether quilting with down or synthetic fill we all have a puffy piece in our closet, so it was just a matter of time before designers decided to branch out and add to their puffer collections and the latest must have is the puffer skirt. 
I absolutely love this option. As someone who wears a dress almost every day, knowing I can put on a chic, cold weather long skirt with a great sweater makes looking a little elevated super easy. 
You can find puffer skirts for as little as $30 and as much as $1000, and they come a every length, though I think the high waisted long skirts are crazy stylish. 
This is an inexpensive item that can easily upgrade all of your winter basics and should be given a look. Boots, hats and scarves round out the puffer skirt outfit and make you look 10 years younger with one simple purchase. 

Puffer Skirt

You can do this! XOA