When I was in college, I took at Greyhound bus from Chicago to Miami. It was my senior year spring break in 2002, and we were making our way to FL to leave for an inexpensive cruise. We were college kids who couldn’t afford to fly, so we thought it would be a good idea to take public transportation. The trip ended up taking 36 hours. I wouldn’t recommend it, but we survived!

Our group wasn’t always able to sit together during the long ride. Many times we’d end up sitting next to a stranger. I can talk to a tree; so naturally, I’d strike up conversation with my new seatmate. Sooner than later, we’d end up talking about the Lord. Numerous times, my seatmate even let me pray with them. This happened so often that my college friends named the empty seat next to me “the hallelujah seat,” because whoever sat there was guaranteed to hear the good news.

You may not be an extrovert like I am, but it is the responsibility of all Christ followers to shine our light! We have the BEST news of all—the secret to eternal life and abundant life this side of heaven! Why would we ever keep this news to ourselves?

Are you taking advantage of the opportunities God has given you to share? If not, what is holding you back? Ask the Lord to open the right doors and give you a bold spirit to let your light shine!