The fashionable hazmat suit!

You knew it was coming!  It was just a matter of time before designers created a way for the antimicrobial, germ-resistant suits previously know as hazmat suits, to be made fashionable!
These bio rompers are basic jumpsuits made of fabric that incorporate silver ion antimicrobial technology that provides an outer or additional layer between you and lurking germs!
These germ barrier jumpsuits are being pitched as perfect for travel!  Not only are they super comfy and sleek, they also keep you free from germs on headrests, armrests, and seats. 
The silver ion antimicrobial technology is being incorporated into all sorts of fabrics and textiles, so expect more and more developments in fashion using it and advertising it. Prices will come down as well. But for now, you can get one of these hazmat suits for $250 or less. It could be worth it!!