Men everywhere, are cleaning up, cutting their hair, shaving the beards and releasing the scruff of the Covid lock down. 

The big trend for men this season is groomed, manicured style. 

I noticed it right away with my visit this year to Europe. Almost no men have beards which is in direct contrast to last years visit and the male models. 

When I started asking about it, all the men agreed that it was time to get back to work and to look more business minded. One man mentioned he wants to get ahead and looking “the part” gives him an advantage. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of longer hair styles and groomed, trimmed facial hair, but the trend is for a purposeful look and not a -who cares we’re all going to die- approach to your hair and grooming. Hahah!

If your fellah has let things grow for months now, it’s time to encourage a trip to the barber. Be sure to get a before an after shot for proof of his younger, more professional results!