How much money have you wasted on makeup that was the wrong color??  Hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars over your life time right?  We all get fooled with the little color swatches in the drug stores and the horrible lighting in department stores.

The latest cosmetic technology is all about taking makeup out for a test drive before making a purchase or leaving your bed room.  Many major brands have adopted virtual try-on technology that allows you to use your phone’s camera to analyze your face for color matching, lipstick selection and eye-shadow tutorials! It’s amazing!

I tried one of these out this week and the foundation match app  suggested the very color I purchased in store just a few days earlier. I was happily surprised!

In the era of Covid, this technology is a real game changer. You’ll find these apps on websites like Sephora and Pinterest or In the Apple App Store.

Don’t take a gamble on another cosmetic  purchase until you try it on virtually. You’re going to love it.

You can do this!