Children have such creative imaginations and joyful ambition when it comes to blanket forts. But they’re usually lacking in the expertise of an engineer when ti comes to putting them together, leading the fort to come crashing down in no time. Sometimes taking pieces of furniture with it!
As the COVID-19 virus spreads, you may be spending more time at home with your kiddos and running out of entertainment. Take you blanket forts to a bigger, and longer lasting level using command hooks!
Command hooks allow you to secure your fort to the wall or ceiling. Keeping your lamps, plants or stools from crashing down on top of your child and giving you the flexibility to build a fort that is as big or small as you’d like. And once you’re done, the hooks are removable!

All you need:
– Command hooks
– String (sturdy)
– Lightweight sheets & blankets
– Clothespins

1. Attach the command hook to the wall or ceiling
2. Tie one end of the string to the command hook and the other end to either another hook or a secure base, making sure the string is tight
3. Drape the blankets over the string and use the clothespins to hold the fabric in place
4. Keep the base of the fort in place by pinning the ends of the blankets to the area rugs, sticking them in the sofa cushions, etc.
5. Make a door to your fort by adding more blankets and clothespins

Watch your kids have hours of fun! Isn’t everything more fun to do from inside a fort?