I love wearing white. It looks so fresh and crisp during the summer. But cleaning it can be more than frustrating.  

Here are a few tips for keeping your whites super bright
1. Make sure you’re using ENOUGH detergent. One of the big jobs of detergent is to clean the dirt from your clothes and then keep it from redepositing back through the dirty water.  Use a tad more detergent for your whites. 
2. Wash in hot and rinse in cold. Hot water helps breakup stains and cold water helps seal the fibers and is better for rinsing. 
3. Add some oxy clean. This softens your water and keeps everything from yellowing. 
4. Use bleach on cotton. Bleach doesn’t work on synthetic fibers, use oxy instead. 
5. Add old-time liquid blue to your wash. This will counteract any yellow and make things appear more white. 
6. Line dry when you can. The dryer yellows your white fabrics.  
Now go enjoy your summer white while you can!!

You can do this. XOA