The Today Show posted a story about a 20-year-old student, Jayde Powell, from the University of Nevada in Reno.

Jayde was supposed to be on spring break this week and instead is spending her time leading a free grocery delivery program for those that are high risk for contracting the coronavirus. It all started when Jayde received a call in late February from her mother, encouraging her to check in on her elderly neighbors and see if they needed any food or supplies.
“As a pre-med student, I know that I can get sick just like everyone else, but the consequences won’t be as severe. So I thought it’d be great to get a group of people together to help those who can’t necessarily leave their house right now.”
It became clear that the need for grocery delivery was nationwide so Powell created a Facebook page in hopes of expanding the movement. It quickly went viral.

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Posted by Shopping Angels on Friday, March 13, 2020

Here’s how it works! Once a “Shopping Angel” is connected with a local citizen in need, the volunteer receives a shopping list, budget, and money. Other clients choose to order their groceries online and arrange for the drop-off at home.
To help make sure they aren’t putting the elderly at risk, Angels are asked to wear gloves while picking up, transporting, and delivering groceries. They also do not enter people’s homes upon delivery. This service that Powell started is completely free.
Jayde’s goal is to set up groups in every state and has set up a Go Fund Me to raise money for those that can’t afford groceries at this time.
Although many grocery stores have announced “seniors only” hours to create a safer shopping environment for the elderly, Powell said she’s still being flooded with requests.
You can get involved by clicking here!