My dad’s birthday celebration at Crazy Horse

My dad celebrated his 92nd birthday on Monday, so of course we wanted to take him to Crazy Horse so he could get 92% off his meal. The food was amazing, the company was outstanding…and then something crazy happened! We saw a couple of people there that my parents literally hadn’t seen in probably 30 years! It was my youth minister Tom and his wife Vicki from when we lived in Kalamazoo. Before I knew it, we were sharing stories and memories from when I was young. They were telling The Captain all these things about me from Jr. High. lol. It was quite the evening.

When it was time for my parents to head back down the road to St. Joe, I asked the waitress for the bill. She gave me a wink and said a couple had picked up our entire bill! I turned to Tom and Vicki and asked “what are you doing?”. Vicki said, “you know…your parents have blessed us for years and you bless us every morning, so we wanted to bless you back!” Wow. Talk about spreading JOY! I was speechless. And full. And very very blessed. What a way to honor my parents. Well done, Tom and Vicki. Well done.

My sweet mom and dad