One creative mom has a new solution: stickers

Jane Stine took her 3-year-old to the grocery store when she noticed random items throughout the store with children’s cartoon branding on them.
“A few weeks ago we bought a pineapple, and the pineapple has a tag that says ‘Frozen 2.’ I was like, ‘These two things couldn’t have anything less to do with each other! What is happening?’ So I just decided if they’re going to stick ‘Frozen 2’ on a pineapple, I can stick whatever I want on the stuff we’re going to buy.”

She started bringing her own stickers with her son’s favorite characters on them to the store (Toy Story, Paw Patrol, etc.) See how she used them as a parenting hack below!


Here’s my best parenting hack. You know how kids always want Paw Patrol yogurt or Disney waffles or whatever? Bring your...

Posted by Jane Stine on Monday, March 2, 2020


The struggle that many parents have getting their stubborn kids to eat vegetables, has led to them coming up with creative methods for sneaking nutrition into their kids’ diets.
OnePoll did a survey of 2,000 parents with children under the age of 18 and found that many parents say the key is creativity – from slipping spinach into brownies or placing veggies underneath the cheese in pizza. One respondent even said they mix powdered baby food into mac n’ cheese in order to keep their kids eating their veggies.

However, the most successful tip is to simply allow your child to lend a hand in the kitchen.

Top 10 Hacks Parents Use to Maintain a Nutritious Diet:
1. Allowing your child to help cook meals so they will be more likely to eat them
2. Letting your child pick their own healthy snacks
3. Letting your child pick a few meals for the family to have each week
4. Only letting your child eat dessert if they’ve finished their vegetables
5. Switching the packaging from an unhealthy snack to a healthy snack
6. Bribing your child with a treat to get them to finish their dinner
7. Letting your child put a little ketchup on things they don’t like, so they will eat them
8. Using the “one more bite” rule over and over to get your child to finish their meal
9. Buying snacks with characters your child likes on the packaging so they would be more likely to eat it
10. Making faces with the food so your child will be entertained and be more likely to eat it.

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