It probably goes without saying that a lot of us could use a little more self-care on a regular basis! It can be hard to set aside that time with so much going on and extra hard to prioritize yourself.
Below is a list of some great but simple ways you can incorporate that self-care into your daily routine!

  1. Take a walk (without your phone!)
  2. Reflect on your day while brushing your teeth
  3. Stretch for 10 minutes each morning
  4. Schedule time for creativity
  5. Go tech-free first thing in the morning
  6. Eat more slowly and mindfully
  7. Read 10 pages of a book each day
  8. Have a weekly date – with yourself
  9. Get 10 minutes of sunshine in the morning (this can be hard to do in Michigan winters, but grab it when you can!)
  10. Write down five positive phrases to say to yourself
  11. Give 20 second hugs (when you can or to those that you can)
  12. Spend just five minutes each day tidying up your home
  13. Create a designated at-home work space (if you haven’t already)
  14. Laugh every single day
  15. Try to meal plan once a week
  16. Give something back (serve or donate)
  17. Focus on adding good habits, not kicking every bad one
  18. Commit to making your bed
  19. Take more baths.