I like light. I’m guilty of leaving lights on in every room. I love a bright room and as much sunshine as possible. This is why my bedroom still doesn’t have any kind of window coverings even though we’ve lived in our new home for six months. 

I like light, and so does Jesus. He is called the light of the world and without him the world and our souls would be in utter darkness. It’s because of him that we can shine. But have you ever thought about what kind of light he is referring to? It certainly isn’t electricity! Fire is what his audience would picture as Jesus spoke about light. 

From a raging inferno to a small flame, the light from a fire is powerful. It’s taken hundreds, if not  thousands of years to be able to create a similar effect with electricity. With the invention of and ability to manipulate electricity we’ve lost an important understanding. In order to have fire (light) you must tend to it. Unlike the immediate ease of switching on an electric light, fire takes much more intention. 

Jesus, the light of the world, called us the light of the world. How amazing is that? But because he is the source of light, we can’t burn without him and we must tend to that fire. 

No matter the state of your fire, whether it’s a small flame, smoldering ashes, or a stream of smoke where there was once a flame, it’s not too late. You can burn again! That happens through intentional connection. Proximity is key. Getting close to the light not only illuminates the darkness but brings warmth and enables us to be ignited. 

The Lord wants you to be lit by his love and truth. He wants you to see the world around you through the light of his goodness and victory. The light of the world calls you the light of the world, so, shine on!