I love this story from one of our JOY99 listeners. She shares her heart about just how easy it is to “share Jesus as you share life” with someone.

A few years ago, I got to know our FedEx driver a little. He had his route changed last year, so I didn’t get to see him except when he delivered in our neighborhood.

Today, he pulled into the driveway, so I went out to say hi. The gravel driveway was too sloppy for him to even try to deliver what he had on his truck. So he came to drop them off at our house. Above and beyond anything he had to do. He could have just brought them back to the hub as undeliverable due to conditions.

In chatting with him, he told me that last May he had half his lung removed (lung cancer). I told him that indeed he is a walking miracle, and God isn’t done with him yet.

The mission field does not have to be a faraway land. Sometimes, it’s a grocery store aisle, a parking lot, a business…..and even a driveway. When you invest into people, God can do amazing things. Listen to their stories, and share yours. Pray for people God places in your path….there is a reason.

I may not be a mighty influencer or climbing the ladder of success, no title or business card. I’d rather be known as ordinary and available.