The next hot version of Tie-Dye…reverse tie-dye using bleach!
Whether you’re shopping high end designers or surfing luxe websites you’re bound to see the reverse tie-dye trend of taking dark colored clothes and using bleach to create patterns and variants of light and dark. 
From Free People to Versace, this is a big trend in luxury lounge wear, adding a new twist to the basic black. Obviously this is easy to do at home and I encourage you to give it a try. 
My number one tip for reverse tie-dye is to avoid liquid bleach and use gel bleach, like the type use in kitchen and bathroom cleaners instead. Gel bleach develops slowly and slows for more color gradation. 
Take any black, gray or dark colored garment, dampen it, twist into a ball and secure with a rubber band. Apply the gel bleach and leave in the sink, tub, or outside for a few hours to allow the bleach to slowly lighten the fabric. After 2-4 hours rinse thoroughly and wash. 
You can absolutely create the designer looks that you see in stores and all over social media.
 There’s no doubt you have a few underused black items and a little bathroom cleaner!  That’s all you need to create this cool tie-dye trend. 
You can do this!

XO…Andy Paige