If you’re sick and tired of your gray and black quarantine wardrobe, I have a Valentine’s idea that will look and FEEL great!!
Go through your closet and pull out every piece of pink and red clothing and accessories you own. Red jeans, pink tees, red jackets, pink skirts, sweaters, shoes….anything you have in all shades of pink and red. 

You may not naturally put pinks and reds together, but Valentine’s season is the perfect time and excuse to enjoy the vibrancy and fun of the colors of love. Designers and fashion icons love to pair these warm tones to create style fireworks. You can do this too without spending a dime. 

Once you have a solid understanding of all of your pink and red items, blend, layer and enjoy!
How awesome will it be to bathe in some color, take energy from your clothes and show your ready to be loving on Valentine’s Day!
Even if you’re just at home, creating a fun scavenger hunt for your Valentine, dawn the colors of love. It will make you feel like a million bucks. 
You can do this!