Quarantine Fashion!


Tie dye has become the quarantine craft of choice!  Primarily because you can spruce up and personalize almost any garment or fabric!  Take a look around your house, your closet or drawers…you can remake anything!  Just think about the sweats and tees that you’ve been living in for weeks now. Wouldn’t it be great to revamp them?  You can with a tie dye kit, but if you don’t have one of those laying around, or you can’t find one on line because they’re sold out everywhere, you can use a box of food coloring and some vinegar to get the job done.

Yep, simply soak your fabric items in a solution of half water and half vinegar and then basic food coloring becomes permanent fabric dye!

My favorite no mess technique for getting soft muted colors when you tie dye is to use a bakers cooling rack and ice! You simply scrunch/lay your wet garment or item on a bakers cooling rack and poke the fabric through the grid holes. Place the rack on top of a Pyrex dish and cover your fabric completely with ice.

Once you have a layer of ice, then fabric, the cooling rack and the dish, you’re ready to get creative with dye. You pour on the dye colors over the ice and in any pattern you want trying not to let the colors overlap too much. You then let your fabric sit over night and rinse completely the next morning.

The ice creates a muted color variant as it melts and helps keep the fabric wet. The results are beautiful. Best of all, no buckets, gloves, or major production. It’s could not be easier.

Tie dye is a fabulous quarantine project and fun way to personalize your things.  Start with a pair of socks or a basic tee and move into pillows, bathing suits, joggers and tennies.  You honestly can’t make a mistake. It always looks fabulous.





You can do this!