Paper products, namely toilet paper, are really having their moment as we all stay at home. You likely have a couple cardboard tubes lying around from finished toilet paper and paper towel rolls. But what you might not know is that those cardboard tubes can come in handy around the house.

1. Create a central place for hair ties
Misplace your hair ties frequently? Pop them around an empty tube and add pins to the ends.

2. Store important documents
Take a special momento or your kids artwork and store it safely without creases. Roll it up and slide it inside the tube. This will keep it safe and you can label the outside of the tube with what is inside.

3. Turn them into stamps
Simple art stamps are great entertainment for kids. Just fold up the end into shapes like a heart or oval, or make cut outs in funky shapes. Then stamp onto your paper!

4. Contain those pesky cords
It seems almost impossible to keep cords organizes and untaggled. Fold them up into a nice stack and slide them into the tube. Then label the outside with the cords function and add it to your storage bin.

5. DIY bird feeder
Check online for what your local birds prefer. Then cover the tube in peanut butter and roll in raw, salt-free seeds or nuts. Slide the tube over a tree branch and watch the birds enjoy!