It’s the time of year to stock up on pool noodles because of the crazy cleaver ways they help you around the house, especially in your closet. My personal favorite is to use cut pool noodles as boot supports or inserts. Every winter when I buy new boots, I am grateful I bought a couple extra noodles over the summer.

Pool noodles also make great shoulder support for heavy coats on hangers. Just add a foot long slice of noodle to each side of the hanger and your sweater, coat or jacket will maintain its shoulder shape.

The same is true for pants. Add a slice of noodle to the horizontal hanger wire for crease free pants.

Small slices of pool noodle also make great closet bar dividers or separators. You can label each section for better organization.

You can find pool noodles at the dollar store or big box stores, but don’t forget to grab a couple before summer and pool season is over.  You’ll be glad you did.