We found this article on change.org that we wanted to pass along to you. This is a petition being sent to the NFL to bring in Christian Music artists for the Halftime show. Take a look at this thoughts below.


Every year you get a pop act or rock or country act to do the halftime superbowl  show.. You should give acts like TOBY Mac,  Mandisa, mercy me , for king and country, casting crowns etc…….  Toby Mac  and Mandisa could do a performance that can motivate and inspire,  and help with healing , which is what this world needs.  Give TOBY MAC a  chance, he sings with Mandisa  that no matter what skin color , gender  . That we all bleed the same , and we should SPEAK LIFE and  not spew hatred and bigotry , and belittle others cause of differences .   So please give TOBY MAC  a shot at the Halftime show at the Superbowl . We need  more acts like these to uplift. Every year I see acts that don’t inspire let alone send a healing message to help bring others together.  We don’t need no madonna, keisha, Katie Perry , Jennifer Lopez etc. Types .  There is a lot of good acts that can deliver a good show and a good message.  Like Toby Mac and  Building 429, Mandisa, Mercy Me,  Casting Crowns,  etc… there is so many better artists like these and more,  But Right now what this world needs is More uplifting acts and music. How about giving Toby Mac a chance,  you won’t regret it.  You would probably having people rave about it cause the message you would be promoting.  PLEASE LET  TOBY MAC PLAY THE NFL SUPERBOWL HALFTIME 

click Here on this link if you would like to sign the petition.